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"Advanced Biotech"
Adv-Bio Manufacturers Of Flavor And Fragrance Ingredients. Advanced Biotech Has Continued To Focus On The Growing Need For Essential Oils, Pyrazines, And Synthetic Aroma Chemicals, Along With 100% Natural, Unique Or Custom Food, Fragrance And Pharmaceutical Ingredients. All Our Products Are Produced To Rigorous Standards Which Ensure A High Degree Of Consistency In Both Strength And Quality.

"Amco Internacional"

One Of The Worlds Most Important Suppliers Of Chemical Aromatics, Food Additives, Essential Oils, Oleoresins, Colors, Gums And Preservatives For The Food And Perfume Industry.

"American Zeolite Corporation"

A Complete Line Of Chemical And Perfume-Free Products To Remove Offensive Odors. The Zeocrystal Family Of Products Is Designed To Eliminate Odors In The Toughest Of Situations, Including Deodorizing Pet Areas, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Smoking Rooms, Refrigerators, Automobile Interiors, Musty Basements And Even Skunk Sprayed Pets. Please Read Over Our Product Descriptions To See Which Product Is Right For Your Particular Need.

"Bayou Queen Perfumes"

Love Perfumes From Bayou Queen Perfumes Are Of The Highest Quality. Our Luscious Perfumes Contain Pheromones, To Attract That Special Someone. He Will Be Attracted To You When You Wear Bayou Queen Perfumes! Useage Of The Love Chemicals Like The Love Poison They Use Some Of The Pheronomic Chemicals For These Types Of The Perfumes

"Bio-Science Research Institute- Inc."

Bio-Science Research Institute Is A Fda-Registered Testing Laboratory Located In A Suburb Of Greater Los Angeles, California. Founded In 1978 By Dr. Tae W. Kang, Bio-Science Today Is Fully Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Technology And Highly Trained Professional Scientists, Serving Both National And International Clients.

"Bioprocess Fragrances Artmes"

Bfa Laboratory - Specialized In The Production Of Raw Materials For Flavour And Perfumery Industries.Products Include Fragrance,Chemical,Molecule,Absolutes,Alcoholates,Fruit Juices,Essential Oil,Oleoresin,Concrete,Infusion,Hexanal,

"Bush Boake Allen Inc"

Bush Boake Allen Inc Are A Major Fractionator Of Turpentine And World Leader In Terpene Chemistry, Producing A Wide Range Of Terpene`Based Aroma Chemicals As Well As Pine Oil Used In Household And Commercial Cleansers And Industrial Applications.


We Are The Internet Home Of Quality Ingredients, Inc., A Leading American Distributor Of Flavors, Fragrances, And Related Products To Industrial Customers Around The World And Also Offers Flavors, Essential Oils, Fragrances, Aroma Chemicals, Oleoresins, Cassia, Ginger.

"C-Tech Corporation"

C-Tech Corporation Is The Leading Manufacturer Of Chemicals In India For The Past Eighty Years. We Also Manufacture Several Other Chemicals Like, Pigments (Chrome Yellows), Flame Retardants, Perfumes For Polymers, Bitterants, Aversives, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Bird & Animal Repellants

"Cedarome Canada Inc."

Is A Major Producer Of Coniferous Oils, Concretes And Absolutes, A Reknown Importer And Transformer Of Citrus Oils, And An Important Reseller Of Other Essential Oils And Aroma Chemicals, Which Are Extensively Used In The Flavor And Fragrance Industries.

"Chemical Sensitivity"

Environmental Illness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, The Health Hazards Of Perfume,Fabric Softeners, And Air Fresheners, And Guidelines For Non-Toxic Living

"Cheryl`S Herbs"

Offers The Best Pure Essential Oils And Hydrosols, Highest Quality Dried Herbs, Wide Variety Aromatherapy And Herbal Products, Supplies And Books.

"China Chemical Export Bases"

Being Established In 1984, Our Company Has Dealed In For 16 Years And Has Become An Important Export Base Of Our Group Cebd. We Have Established Some Manufacturer Associations In Different Lines And Are Creating More.

"China Chemicals"

China Chemicals Offers Agrochemicals Fungicides Herbicides Insecticides, Plant Growth Regulators,Dyestuffs Intermediate For Dye Colourants For Plastics, Inorganic Chemicals Intermediates,Anthraquinone Series Benzene.

"China National Chemical Construction Ningbo Import & Export Company"

China National Chemical Construction Ningbo Import & Export Company Is The Importer And Exporter Of Products Like Agrochemical, Pesticides, Botanic Extract, Pharmaceutical, Hormones, Dyestuff, Intermediates, Chemical, Light Industry, Ningbo, Import, Export, Perfume, Rubber, Pigment, Extract, Light Industy To Their Industry.

"Crown Chemicals Pvt.Ltd"

Crown Chemicals Offers A Exporters And Manufacturing Of Natural Oil, Essential Oil, Pharmaceuticals.

"Demon Internet Ltd."

We Supply Botanical Extracts, Essential Oils, Herbs And Fragrances For Cosmetic And Pharmacutical Development. Quality Standardised Extracts, Concentrated Extracts And Herbal Powders. Specialising In Bee Propolis, Eugenol, Linseed Oil, Neem Oil, Hemp Oil.

"Dv Deo Aromatics Pvt. Ltd."

Producer Of Spice Oils, Oil Extracts, Oleoresins, Fragrance Materials, From Essential Oil Bearing Plants, Herbs, Agriculture Cultivation Of Essential Oil Bearing Plants To Phytochemicals

"Enviro Resources"

Enviro Resources Offers Environmentally Safe Products That Eliminate Stains And Odors Without Using Any Chemicals, Fragrance, Or Perfume.

"Enviro Resources"

Enviro Resources Offers Environmentally Safe Products That Eliminate Stains And Odors Without Using Any Chemicals, Fragrance, Or Perfume.

"Ffc Aromas Private Limited"

Ffc Aromas Is Manufacturer Of Flavours And Perfumery Products And Manufacturers Of A Wide Range Of Aroma Chemicals For Perfurmery And Agro-Chemical Industry

"Firmenich Sa"

Firmenich, World Leaders In Perfumes, Flavors & Aroma Chemicals Creation And Production.We Are Proud To Announce The Launch Of The Chemical Division On-Line Compendium. This Compendium Contains Our Perfumery Raw Materials Catalogue Featuring Over 100 Chemicals And Specialities


The Company Manufactures Perfumery Chemicals Mainly For The Incense Industry With Special Products For The Soap And Toiletry Segments.


The Company Manufactures Perfumery Chemicals Mainly For The Incense Industry With Special Products For The Soap And Toiletry Segments

"Fragrance Resources, Inc."

We Are An Excellent, Professional Team With Long Experience In The Fragrance Business That, Together, Knows How To Win. We Screen Our Decisions At Management Level By Pooling Our Individual Skills, Each One Reinforcing The Other In The Quest For Success.Emerging Markets And Reliable Raw Material Sources Are Systematically Pursued.

"Fujian Sanming Forest Products Industry Corp"

Fujian Sanming Forest Products Industry Corp Pine Oil, Activated Carbon, Forest Flavour And Fragrance As Well As Other Chemical Products And Packing Materials Are Dominating In The Commercial Commodities Managed By The Smfic.

"Gentle Touch"

With The World Becoming More Environmentally Aware, Products Meeting Those Demands Are Becoming More Common. One Of These Is A Product Called Gentle Touch. Made From Aspen Bark, 100% Biodegradable, And Made Without Chemicals, Perfumes Or Additives, This All Natural Pelleted Bedding Is Meeting The Demands Of Environmentally Aware Consumers.

"Glaspray Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Perfume Is Taiwan`S Foremost Producer Of Atomizers. Glaspray Is A Multi-Integrated Company With Over 20 Years Of Manufacturing Experience In Aluminum And Plastic Packaging. Glaspray Has Produced Components And Finished Products For Some Of The Largest Cosmetic Companies In The World. We Are Dedicated To Superior Quality Products At Cost Cutting Prices.

"Hainan Zhongxin Chemical Col.,Ltd"

Hainan Zhongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer Of Inorganic And Organic Chemicals, Pigment, Intermediate, And Pesticides Materials And Essence And Perfumery.

"Hangzhou Flavors & Fragrances Factory"

Hangzhou Flavors & Fragrances Factory Is A State-Run Medium-Scale One-Grade Enterprise, And A Key Enterprise For Production Of Flavors And Fragrances In China.The Main Products, Cover Flavors,Fragrances,Cosmetic, Detergents,Printing And Box,Etc.

"Hanmi Perfumery & Chemical Co., Ltd"

Hanmi Perfumery & Chemical Co., Ltd Manufactures Of Chemical Fragrances For Perfume,Food Additives And Fragrances. Includes Food Flavorings, Colors, Emulsifiers, Processed Marine Products, And More

"Harbin Longke International Trading Co."

Provides Information On Intermediates Of Pharmaceutical,Dyestuff And Perfume, And Other Special Chemicals.

"Health Risks From Perfume"

Offers Perfume, Cologne, Hairspray, Laundry Bleach, Deodorants, Detergent, Vaseline Lotion, Shaving Cream, Shampoo, Bar Soap, Dishwasher Detergent - Narcotic. Sensitizer. Local Anesthetic, Cns Depressant. Irritation To The Mouth, Throat, Eyes, Skin, Lungs, And Gi Tract Causing Nausea And Abdominal Pain. May Cause Kidney Damage.Do Not Use With Contact Lenses.


The Healthy House Is A Mail Order Company That Specializes In Products For People With Dust Allergies, Eczema, Asthma, Hay Fever, Electrical Sensitivity, M.E. Skin Disorders, Indoor Air Pollution And Environmental Illness. The Products That Are Offered Include Air Cleaners, Dust Mite Proof Bedding, Dust Mite Sprays, Natural Bedding, Books, Mattresses,Etc,.Using A Vapour Mask To Protect Against Perfumes, Cigarette Smoke And Fumes.

"Huber The Nose."

Research And Development, Creation And Manufacture Of Fragrance Oils For The Perfume, Cosmetics And Toiletries, Soap And Detergent, Pharmaceutical And Technical Industries And Flavors For The Food, Beverage And Pharmaceutical Industry.

"International Flavors And Fragrances"

Iff Specializes In The Manufacture And Supply Of Specialty Ingredients To A Worldwide Market Of Flavor Manufacturers. As An Integral Part Of The Iff Team, Our Goal Is To Be Our Customer`S Most Valuable Resource In Their Flavor Creation. We Utilize Our Global Resources, Which Consists Of A Team Of Ph.Ds., Biotechnologists, Organic Chemists, Engineers, And Flavorists, In The Creation And Innovation Of Unique Flavor Ingredients.

"K.J. Somaiya & Sons"

Offers Industrial Alcohol Is One Of The Largest Volume Organic Chemicals Used In Industrial And Consumer Products. Apart From Using It As A Raw Material For The Manufacture Of Alcohol Based Chemicals, Ethanol Is Used As Antiseptics, Solvents, Preservatives, In Medicine, Essences, Perfumes, Etc.

"Kingtown Perfume & Chemical Co.Ltd."

Welcome To Kingtown Perfume & Chemical Co Ltd,.Our Company Supply Various Chinese Essential Oils ,Aromatics.And Chemical Materials.

"Kiss & Tell® Fragrance"

With Kiss & Tell® Fragrance Layering Is Foolproof. We Have Created The Chemistry For You. No Matter What Combination Of Concentration Is Used, The Scent Is Always Alluring Because The Two Fragrances Are Designed To Complement Each Other.

"Le Crystal Naturel"

Le Crystal Naturel Body Deodorant Is Made Of Natural Mineral Salts And Is Completely Free Of Perfumes And Chemicals. Le Crystal Naturel Body Deodorant Is Exceptionally Effective At Eliminating Body Odor. Moisten The Stone And Gently Rub On The Underarm Area.

"Leffingwell & Associates"

Leffingwell & Associates Aroma From Carotenoids Carotenoids As Flavor & Fragrance Precursors A Review By John C. Leffingwell. Ph.D. This Is The Introduction To Our Series On Aroma Materials Produced

"Love Scents"

Pheromones Are Natural Chemical Scents The Body Produces In Order To Attract Others. They Are Well Documented In The Animal Kingdom As The Force That Controls All Social Behavior, Including Mating. Scientists Are Now Finding That Human Behavior Is Also Heavily Influenced By These Invisible Social Magnets

"Mc Marble Chemist And Perfumers Co. Inc"

Introduces Beaches Body Oil, The Most Powerful Sexual Attractant On The Market Today. Offers A Dealer Opportunity To Market Pheromone Sexual Attractants.

"Menthol Thai Import Export Co. Ltd."

Menthol Thai Import Export Is A Manufacturer And Exporter Of Menthol Crystal, Peppermint Oil, And A Wide Range Of Essential Oils And Aromatic Chemicals Having Market Presence Worldwide With An Expertise In This Field For More Than 25 Years

"Millennium Specialty Chemicals"

Millennium Specialty Chemicals Utilizes Terpene Chemistry To Create Aroma Chemicals, High-Purity And Intermediates And Flavors, Fragrances, Cleaners, And Solvents.

"Mohnish Chemicals Pvt. Ltd."

Mohnish Chemicals Pvt., Ltd.Is Manufactures Fragrance Ingredients And Sells To Makers Of Fine Fragrances.

"Mscee Inc"

Amazing Emu Oil-Mscee Fountain Of You Pure And Amazing Skin Care Products Retail, Wholesale, Distributorships Of Quality Skin Care Products Maunfactured With Amazing Emu Oil. Emu Oil Is A Healthy, Pure Skin Moisturizer. Heals With Natural Vitiamin A & E. Free Emu Oil Sample

"Mt Nebo Herbs & Oils"

Offers Aromatherapy, Essential-Massage-Fragrances-Perfume Oils, Herbs, Homeopathy, Bach Flowers, Incense, Crystals, Runes, Tarot, Videotapes, Cds And Books.

"Muller & Koster s.p.a."

Muller & Koster s.p.a. is italian leader in Perfumes, Flavors & Aroma Chemicals Creation and Production.

"Multiple Chemical Sensitivity"

"Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Is Basically A Subset Of Environmental Illness, Which Is Caused By Living In A Toxic World. The Chemicals That Were Synthesized After World War Ii Including, Pesticides, Synthetic Fragrances, Cleaning Products, Detergents, Etc. Are Mostly ""Petro-Chemicals"" And Are Quite Toxic To Humans."

"Musks & Fragrance"

Super Chemicals Manufacturing Wide Range Of Aroma Chemicals For Perfumery And Agro Chemical Industry. Flavours & Perfumery Products From World Renowned Manufacturers From India & Overseas. Musks & Fragrance: Indentors Of Flavours And Perfumery Products And Manufacturers Of A Wide Range Of Aroma Chemicals For Perfurmery And Agro-Chemical Industry


Pheromones Are Naturally Occurring Odorless Chemical Messenger Compounds Found In All Insects, Animals, And Humans. When Pheromones Are Secreted They Dictate Behavior And Attract The Opposite Sex

"Nantucket Natural Oils"

Offers Nantucket Natural Oils, Producers Of Non-Allergenic Perfumes, Alcohol-Free Perfumes, Sensual Fragrances And Aromatherapy Products. Aphrodisiacs, Massage Oils, Astrological Products, Candles, Soaps, And Lampwork Are Also Available.

"Ng Wah Chemicals"

The One Of The Leading Import And Export Companies In Aromatic And Industrial Chemicals Headquartered In Hong Kong. We Trade Chemicals All Over The World For Its Reliability And Outstanding Quality.

"Orchid Perfune Chemical"

"Orchid Perfune Chemical Is The Supplier Of Different Copounds That Are Used To Perfume Industry.The Products Include Methyl Maltol, Ethyl Maltol, Dihydroxy Methyl Malonic Acid, Magnesium Carbonate , Acesulfame Potassiumi Oxathiazinone-Dioxide, P-Hydroxy Pheny1 Butanone;Vaspverry-Ketone, P-Dlroxy Bencyl Aldehyde."

"Oxford Chemicals"

Oxford Chemicals Specialises In The Manufacture And Supply Of Speciality Aroma Chemicals To The Global Market For Flavours And Fragrances.We Are A Prime Manufacturer Of Flavour And Fragrance Ingredients, With A Wide Range Of Expertise In A Variety Of Chemical Processes

"Park Trading Company"

Buys And Sells Surplus Chemicals And Raw Materials At Below Market Prices. Park Trading Company Has Been In Business Since 1974. We Buy And Sell Surplus Chemicals And Related Materials.

"Perfumer Flavorist"

Offers The Natural And Chemical Materials Used In The Manufacture Of Flavors And Fragrances.

"Perfumers World"

Offers Perfume Flavor, Aromatherapy,Essential Oils, Aroma Chemicals And Many More.

"Polarome International"

Polarome International Has Served The Many Industries Who Create And Manufacture These Flavors And Fragrances. And They Still Share A Common Dependence On Our Ability To Source And Supply

"Primal Instinct Pheromones"

Primal Instinct Has Been Created In An Exclusive Patent Pending Formula Using The Most Advanced Quality Methods To Produce The Androstenone Pheromone, The Proven Ingredient That Creates A Instinctual Reaction Of Attraction In Women, In The Highest Potency Ever Available Anywhere.

"Privi Organics Pvt., Ltd."

Privi Organics Pvt., Ltd. Is Manufacture Aromatic Raw Materials For `Fragrance & Flavour Industry Has Successfully Completed 5 Years Of Operations, And Within This Short Span Of Time Have Carved Out A Place Of Pride In The Industry.

"Qiaoji Group"

Welcome To Qiaoji Group Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Agents Of. Essences And Perfumes. Benzyl Benzoate 99%Min Bp80 Diphenyl Ether

"Qingdao Heyi Corporation"

Qingdao Heyi Corporation Is Manufacturer And Distributor For Many Kinds Of Aromatic Aldehyde, All The Products Are Very Important Intermediate For Producing Medicine, Pesticides And Perfume Material.

"Qingdao Scitech Perfume Co.,Ltd"

"Qingdao Scitech Perfume Co.,Ltd Is A Specialized Factor Producing Spices, Essences And Natural Pigments Specified By The Ministry Of Light Industry; And Is Also The Largest Perfume And Natural Pigment Industrial Base In Northern China And Is An Advanced Enterprise Of Shandong Province."

"Rajshree Agro Chem"

Rajshree Agro Chem Is Manufactures And Exports Menthol Bp/Usp, Peppermint Oil, And Menthol Flakes. Based In Delhi India.


"An Overview Of The Potential Role Of Scents And Perfumes As Aphrodisiacs With A Special Reference To Potential Human Pheromones. Man Has Probably Always Used Various Odorous Preparations To Increase His Or Her Attractiveness To The Opposite Sex. Is It Possible That This Actually Is An Attempt To Mimic ""Human Pheromones"" Or Is It Just To Create An Atmoshere Of Positive Associations"

"Sarcom Inc"

A Broker Selling Essential Oils And Aromatic Chemicals To The Fragrance And Flavor Industries

"Serenity Spas"

Serenity Spas Offers You A Complete Line Of Chemicals And Fragrances For Your Spa Provided Online For Your Shopping Convenience. Serenity Spas Has Researched The Chemical Market For Both Quality And Price, And We Feel That Leisure Time Chemicals.

"Shah Aromatics"

We Are One Stop Shop For All Your Requirement Of Aromatic Chemicals, Resinoids And Essential Oils And Supplies Requirement Of Aromatic Chemicals, Resinoids And Essential Oils.

"Shanghai Import & Export."

Offers Chemicals,Agrochemicals,Dyestuffs,Inorganic Chemicals, Intermediates, Organic Chemicals And Perfume Materials.

"Shanghai Sunny Trade Corporation Limited"

Is A Specialized Manufacturer & Exporter. We Have Five Branch Factories And Have Good Relationship With Many Other Factories In The Domestic, Which Mainly Produce Essential Oils, Aromatic Chemicals, Food Additive, Picture Frame, Glassware, Crystal, Etc.

"Shank`S Extracts, Inc."

Syrups:Shank`S Has Developed A Line Of Flavored Syrups For Beverage And Dairy Applications, From Fruit Flavors To Sweet/Brown Flavors.

"Shraddha Organics"

Shraddha Organics Manufacturer And Exporter Of Aromatic Chemicals Like Indole,Benzyl Butyrate,Alpha Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde,Benzyl Formate,Cinnamic Aldehyde,Benzyl Benzoate,Cinnamic Alcohol,Benzyl Alcohol Etc.


Looking For Chemicals, Dye Intermediates, Fragrances, Dye Stuff, Aromatics, Water Chlorinators` The Shree Chem Is The Single Source Of Quality Products.We Believe That Our Organization Can Serve You With Quality Products And Competitive Prices.

"Skyline Laboratory Co.,Ltd."

Manufacturer And Supplier Of Skincare, Health and Cosmetic Products.Skin Care Products: Giffarine Sun Lotion Spf 20, Giffarine Bio-White, Giffarine Uv Sunscreen 15 G., Giffarine Uv Sunscreen 40 G., Giffarine Aha Renewal Cream.

"Sonarome Chemicals Pvt Ltd"

Sonarome Chemicals Pvt Ltd ,Manufacturers Of Flavours And Fragrances In India.Our Perfumers Have International Experiences,Creating Original Formulations At Commerically Visable Prices To Give Added Value To Customer`S Products.


All Seasons Spas And Accessories Has Created The Biggest And Most Complete Hottub And Spa Cyber-Superstore Available On`Line.

"Tapan Chemicals"

Manufacturer Of Benzyl Acetate,Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate,Organic,Aromatic,Benzyl,Acetate,Alcohol,Benzoate,Perfumery Chemicals,Fragrance Chemicals,Soap Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals,Textile Auxiliaries,Solvent,Ink Chemicals,Photography Chemicals,Aroma Chemicals,Cosmetic Chemicals,Agarbatti Chemicals,Perfume Fixative,Chemicals,Aromatic,Traders, Dealers.

"Tapan Chemicals"

The Persons Responsible For The Introduction Of The Tapan Chemicals , Incorporated In The Year 1988 By The Two Experienced And Dynamic Chemical Engineers Viz., Narendra Shah & Rasesh Shah . The Former Having 30 Years Of Experience In Designing And Marketing Of Chemical Plant And Equipments.

"Tokos B.V."

Perfume Concentrates (Also Called Perfume Compounds) Are Blends Of Mainly Essential Oils And Aromatic Chemicals. These Concentrates Can Be Considered As Industrial Raw Materials Used To Give Fragrance To A Product.

"Tr-Metro Chemicals Inc."

We Distribute, Import, And Export A Wide Range Of Chemicals, Solvents, Natural Extracts, And Flavor And Fragrance Materials From Our Convenient Avenel,Our Major Product Lines Include Flavor And Fragrance Materials, Natural Herbal Extracts

"Ultra-Tech Spc. Pvt. Ltd."

Ultra-Tech Spc. Pvt. Ltd. Offers A Bulk Drugs,Intermediate Drugs And Aerosols Manufacturer. Speciality Chemicals, Perfumes, Deosprays, Air Fresheners, Cleaners, Insecticide.

"Vinayak Corporation"

Vinayak Corp Is Manufactures Dyes, Menthol, Food Colors, Essential Oils, Pigments, Others.

"Vinayak Corporation"

Vinayak Corporation Which Manufacturers Of Menthol, Food Colors, Essential Oils, Aromatic Chemicals, And Dyes.

"Wanxi Orchid Perfume Chemical Co. Ltd."

Wanxi Orchid Perfume Chemical Co. Ltd. Of Anhui, Located At The Lower Reaches Of The World-Known Foziling Reservoir And Having Fixed Assets Of 18 Million Yuan, Mainly Produces Perfume Compound And Aromatics. The Company Has Been Becoming More And More Adjustable To The Market And Competitive. The Annual Production Maltol And Ethyl Maltol Is 300 Tons, And Products Are Exported To Abroad While Popular All Over The Country.

"White Star Pigments & Chemicals"

We Undertake Toll Manufacturing For Several Multinationals. Our Speciality Chemicals Include Products Like Denatonium Benzoate ( The Worlds Bitterest Chemical & Dispersions Of Denatonium Benzoate In Mono Ethylene Glycol & Ethanol.We Also Offer Denatonium Benzoate Powder In Hydro Soluble Bags.

"X-O Corporation"

Provides Safe, Natural Odor Elimination, No Harmful Chemicals Or Perfume Cover Up.X-O Odor Neutralizer And X-O Plus Cleaner Instantly Extinguishes Indoor Odors And Replaces Them With The Natural Freshness Of The Outdoors! So It¹S Much Better Than Ordinary Room Fresheners And Cleaners, Which Simply Attempt To Mask Odors With Their Own Scent.

"Yasho Industries Ltd"

More Than 10 Years In The Field Of Chemicals Has Assured Us Of Self-Reliance In Developing The Widest Range Of Speciality Chemicals For A Variety Of Application In R&D And Professional Service. Yasho Is Fully Compliant With All The Processes To Allow Further Manufacture Of Both Halal & Kosher Certified Products Like Cosmetics, Fragrances And Flavours.

"Yiming Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd"

Is A Well Known Manufacturer Of Fine Chemicals In China. It Is The Director Unit Of Cffa And The Member Of Cffca. The Company Has Two Autonomous Divisions: The Food Chemicals Division And The Pharma Chemicals Division.

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